Property Taxes in Portugal

Embarking on your real estate journey in Portugal involves not only the excitement of finding the perfect property but also the need to comprehend the various taxes associated with property ownership. At Developments.pt, we aim to demystify this complex landscape, providing you with essential insights into the types of property taxes you may encounter.

IMT Tax (Property Transfer Tax)

The IMT is a property transfer tax applicable to the acquisition of real estate. It’s a one-time payment, and the amount is influenced by factors such as the property’s type, location, and transaction value. Understanding IMT is crucial when planning your property investment, and Developments.pt ensures that you have comprehensive knowledge of this tax before making significant decisions.

IMI & AIMI (Annual Property Taxes)

IMI is an annual property tax, and AIMI is an additional tax on high-value properties. Both play a role in the ongoing ownership costs of your property. Developments.pt provides valuable information on these taxes, helping you anticipate potential liabilities based on property value and location. Our commitment to clarity ensures that you navigate these annual obligations with confidence.

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Mortgage Calculator

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IMT Tax Calculator

Calculate your IMT (Property Transfer Tax) for a smooth transaction.


IMI & AIMI Tax Calculator

Discover how IMI and AIMI (Annual Tax) taxes are calculated in Portugal.

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